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NameLeetle Blue Ocean Slug
Created ByTealTiger
Average Selling Price450µP
Created On03/29/2013
Released On04/09/2013
Glaucus atlanticus, or the Blue Ocean Slug, Sea Swallow, or Blue Dragon, is the only species in its genus, and lives in open waters floating upside-down near the water's surface. It can feed on the entire "Portuguese Man 'O War", and is not only immune to its toxins, but absorbs it to use as its own defense. The poison is transferred to its cerata (the thin "fingers" on its body), and because it is concentrated, the sting can become more deadly than the Man O' War. What a neat little oddity!
Tags: marine, animal


Shop NameQuantityPrice
The Pixel Emporium1300µP
Cerulean Bay Waterscape1600µP


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