These are a work in progress, so bear with us.



By uploading an image, you agree that it is your property (I.E. represents 100% original work) or that you have permission from the owner of the image to use it. Any creations found to be in violation of copyright will be removed.

As an extension of this, "tracing" images that you do not own is not allowed.


Any creations that you upload are still your property, but by uploading, you give Leetle Adoptables permission to display, and host the image, and possibly use it on the site or in advertising.

If you choose to remove a creation, it will be completely removed from the site and all permission given to Leetle Adoptables will be revoked.


Uploaded images may be modified at any time by Leetle Adoptables staff. Effort will be made to inform the creator of an image prior to modification, but this cannot be guaranteed.


Uploading an image does not guarantee that it will be used or made available on the site, and creations may be removed at any time with or without prior warning or reason by both Leetle Adoptables and/or the copyright holder.