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NameLeetle Martian Man Hunter
Created ByIronman311
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Created On10/17/2011
Released On10/20/2011
Nerd fact: Name, J'onn J'onzz (John, Jones). He is a martian. His race was destroyed by another alien race. Then one day earth made contact with mars. Causing him to come and see what all the fuss was about over on earth. With his family dead and everything he once knew gone their was nothing left for him on mars. That's basically his back story. Having the power to shape shift among other things, he became a detective on earth. Fighting crime (he was a police officer on mars). Then eventually found out by the justice league and joined them as one of the original 7 members. His powers are many. They include Martian vision (laser eyes+x-ray vision like super man has), flight, super strength, shape shifting, super speed, telekinetic mind powers, Invisibility, phasing (walk through anything), regeneration, and anything in between the already stated. Not to mention he has the detective capabilities and intellect of batman and greater. But has a psychological weakness to fire. Superman called him the strongest being on the planet. Batman said he's like superman and me rolled into one. BUT... This was all before he was severally NERFED. Loosing many of the powers I just stated. Probably to make way for superman to take the lead roll. But in most representations of the character he still has, flight, shape shifting, telekinetic mind powers, Invisibility, and phasing. I just want to note that his shape shifting ability is not limited at all and he can become any living thing (alien monster, dragon, human, etc.). He chooses to take a more human form. Which is the one shown that is wearing the blue cape. The other one shown is his original martian form.


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