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NameLeetle Rathalos
Created ByLunchbox
Average Selling Price500µP
Created On07/28/2011
Released On07/29/2011
A leetle fire wyvern. It shoots fireballs from its mouth and, has poisonous claws. Not to mention it loves to troll by flying all the time >_> so you can never hit the darn thing. It also happens to be the flag ship monster of the Monster Hunter gaming series. I know NecroDaiki made a few of the monsters from the same series not long ago. I remember people not knowing what Monster hunter was when Necro made his way back so I'll tell you. Monster hunter is basically A fantasy role-playing/hack&slash where you hunt monsters XD. Your avatar is a hunter in a village in a mid evil setting. The village sends you out on quests to go kill certain monsters and gather certain items. You kill said beasties. carve them up. Then use their parts to create new stronger armor and weapons so you can go out and kill even stronger monsters. One of my favorite game series. If you like killing dragons and beasts you'll like it to.
Tags: mythical


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