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NameLeetle Hirundinic Amphiptere
Created ByAshywolf
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Created On09/17/2012
Released On10/09/2012
The Hirundinic (alternatively named Hirundine) species of Amphiptere is a high-flying, very swift type of dragon with definite links to Candesclepida nitesco (Comet Amphiptere), however unlike the Comet species its roosting sites and breeding locations are well-known. It is often seen perching on open branches during migration where it congregates with others of its kind. A typical Amphiptere, it is classified under the order Archeovolana (Dragons) and the family Gracilivipridae (Amphipteres). It's specific name has come to be known as Falcatus hirundambulator which virtually means "Falcate Swallow-runner".
Tags: shiny, white, blue, black, red, swift, swallow, bird, dragon


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