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NameLeetle Northern Parula
Created ByAshywolf
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Created On09/16/2012
Released On10/09/2012
Parulas are quite a unique group of warblers. Two occur in North America, the Northern and the Tropical. The Northern is common in the eastern states, but the Tropical is quite a rare vagrant. Both Parulas have been recorded in the western states too, but these occurences are fairly uncommon. Some birds have even been recorded in Europe; such extremely lost birds are exceptional, but many North American songbirds have accidentally taken this trip over the Atlantic. The two Parulas were once classified seperately from the other warblers, in their own genus called Parula, however now they have been added to the Setophaga complex like many other warblers. An interesting fact about this Parula is that it has been recorded of commiting polygamy far more often than most warblers!
Tags: bird, warbler, life, animal, yellow, grey, white


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