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NameLeetle Aquaman
Created ByIronman311
Average Selling Price601µP
Created On10/10/2011
Released On10/20/2011
Nerd Fact: Shown; Aquaman with a cool glowy trident hand! He has telepathic ability to communicate with marine life, super human swimming, breathing under water, super tough to with stand the ocean depths; cold/pressure (thus withstanding machine gun fire), super human strength, limited sonar, great vision to see in the dark of the ocean floor. He lost his hand and then replaced it with a hook, then a mechanical hook, then a mechanical hand, then given a magic water hand giving him new powers. These include, dehydrating anyone he touches, healing, shape changing (just the hand. Example: a ice weapon), can shoot jets of scalding water, the ability to create portals into mystical dimensions, Control water, and nullify magic. Bet you thought he could just talk to fish huh? In one version he died and was resurrected (zombie) as a black lantern. Then once that whole ordeal was done, he came back to life (white lantern) and now has his hand back. But retained some of the black lanterns powers of controlling undead sea life. In today's age he seems lame and is portrayed as such, but never the less he is still one of 7 members of the original justice league and it all depends on the writer.


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Comic Shop1601µP


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