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NameLeetle Uzumaki Naruto
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Created On07/18/2011
Released On07/24/2011
Nerd Fact: Naruto is a manga (Japanese comic book) basing the main character "Nartuo" in a world run by ninja. Manga are not like American comic books where they branch off into various story lines and any cartoon based on them is not the exact same story. Most manga are basically the black and white story boards of the cartoon version of a series. Naruto in particular has fans all over the globe (Millions) and is one of the largest well know series of shonen Jump(publisher which is like marvel or DC). Naruto is a special young kid born in a shinobi village where his life long dream is to become the apex of the Ninja world (hokage=title given to the leader of a shinobi village). In this world the ninja use their chakra to create Ninjutsu (powerful fighting techniques) to defend/fight/wage war/make money, with other ninja villages and the people of the land. But you already knew all of this didn't you? If not seriously go read the manga online. It's free. Better then the cartoon (uncensored/ with no filler). It's 20+ episodes ahead of the cartoon so you can read whats coming next. And is always translated when the newest issue comes out shortly after by nice people on the web.


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