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NameLeetle The Hulk
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Created On07/05/2011
Released On07/08/2011
Nerd Fact: "Hulk is strongest their is! RAWWWR"??? Strength mainly depends on the writer/editor to determine how strong a hero is. Theirs other alternate universes in marvel an DC comics which have varying characters. Some heroes in one universe are dead, others are stronger in another, etc. Like I said, it all depend on the writer. Most people go by examples of things written in comic books already. One example of the hulk has him hold up a billion ton mountain (0_o), another has him fighting and beating a villan so powerful no one else can stop him (jean grey turns off bruce banner who is the hulks control side, so the hulk goes nuts). The madder the hulk gets the stronger the hulk gets, their is no limit to his rage. It is said by the cosmic entity Eternity, that the hulks strength is limitless, just as rage is limitless. The hulk can become so strong (if given the right circumstances) that he is even capable of punching reality itself.


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