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NameLeetle Army Manz
Created ByLunchbox
Average Selling Price500µP
Created On01/23/2010
Released On02/05/2010
COVERING FIRE! Pew, Pew, Pew, Twang! Pew, Pew! *Guns Fire*! INNNNN COOOOMMIIINNG! (Leetle kid throws a fire cracker) Sshhhhhhhhhhhhh Boooom! (Explosion) MEDIC! MEDIC! They got Davis. Am I going to be ok Doc? *Davis spits up blood* Your gunna be alright kid! Where gunna get you out of here. More morphine! ...Tell my wife... I love her. Don't you die on me Davis! *Guns fire in the background* Davis! DAVIS? DAVVVIIISSSS!!! NOOOOOOO... Jimmy! Dinner Time! Ok mom!
Tags: green, toy


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