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NameLeetle Store Stocker Multi Pack
Created ByFiona BlueFire
Average Selling PriceN/A
Created On09/26/2011
Released On10/05/2011
Beeg Pack of many pretties. In fact, 3 each of my first 14 creations. And at a nice, bargain price too!

Bundle Contents

Leetle Golden Apple3
Leetle Silver Rose3
Leetle Orichalcum Harp3
Leetle Copper Butterfly3
Leetle Mithril Dagger3
Leetle Bronze Oak Leaf3
Leetle Brass Horn3
Leetle Tin Soldier3
Leetle Bronze Angel3
Leetle Iron Candlestick3
Leetle Silver Bells3
Leetle Copper Dragon3
Leetle Blue Glass Dragon3
Leetle Scary Pumpkin3


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