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NameLeetle Ichigo Kurosaki
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Created On09/18/2011
Released On09/22/2011
Nerd Fact: Ichigo is the main character from the Shonen Jump series known as Bleach. It is apart of the top 3 anime and manga (Japanese comic books). Bleach is set in a small town in japan, "karakura town". Where Ichigo the main character has run-ins and dealings with shinigami(death gods.) and their enemies (Hollows). Much of the series is also in other dimensions such as the home of the shinigami "Soul Society". Ichigo actually becomes a substitute shinigami and thus gains their powers to fight off evil and such. These powers come from a shinigami's sword know as a Zanpakutō. These Zanpakutō have their own powers when released and fight along with their shinigami. But Ichigo is special in that he is a human with shinigami powers that also has the powers of a hollow. I believe the way that it works in this series is when you die you become a spirit (looks like their former human selves with a chain on their chest) or a hollow (monster looking thing that is an evil incarnation of its former self and loses it's chain of fate.). Hollows eat spirits for food and have powers much like shinigami do. The shinigami's job (Shinigami look human) is to free the souls of the spirits and the hollow by purifying/cutting them with their Zanpakutō (their swords). This then sends them to the Soul Society where they will be born as a shinigami. Although most hollows get sent to soul society, some end up in hell. This happens when the hollow was truly evil in it's former human life and when it is purified the gates of hell open for it and drag it in. Theirs also shinigami who turn evil and such. 1 of which is the mastermind villain behind much of the series. The series is basically sword fights and powers mixed with the spirit world. As for the title BLEACH having to do with any of this no one really knows. But their is speculation that the hair of the main character is bleached orange. When a hollow is sent to soul society it's soul is bleached clean of sin. When the main character Ichigo first gets his powers from a shinigami, that shingami's black clothes turn white. etc. No sign of an end for any of these 3 mangas because their a cash cow for the creators of the series. And in reality these series are cheating theirs fans in that they make characters eluding and mysterious by not showing off their full powers. But in reality these characters don't have any power because no on has thought it up yet :/. Bleach has really went down hill lately. The main bad guy who was the antagonist for years was finally beat making the fans think that Bleach was coming to an end. NOPE! They just keep on milking it. Penny for your thoughts on that one? But I still read them because they're addictive. ^_^'


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