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NameLeetle Korra
Created ByLady_Dragonrider
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Created On09/04/2011
Released On09/16/2011
Korra is a rugged-looking tough girl in her late teenage years. Her homeland is with the South Water Tribe, located on a continent near the south pole. She is rebellious, loves to fight, and is very confident. She is the star of an upcoming TV series called The Last Airbender: Legend of Korra. In The Last Airbender universe there are four distinct civilizations: Earth Kingdom, Fire Nation, Water Tribes and Air Nomads. In each of these nations are benders, people who can manipulate their native element. Korra is a skilled water bender, she is also the Avatar. It is the Avatar's duty to master all four elements and keep the world in balance. The show starts with Korra travailing to a place called Republic City where she hopes to master airbending. Along the way she makes new friends and deals with anti-benders.


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