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NameLeetle Monkey D Luffy
Created ByIronman311
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Created On08/22/2011
Released On08/26/2011
Nerd Fact: Luffy is the main character from the Shonen Jump series known as One Piece. One of the largest Manga's (Japanese comics) in the world. Millions of fans. I think even 1 in 8 people in japan read it. No Idea how many people in other countries read it but "One piece" along with the series "Bleach" and "Naruto" are like the top 3. So anyway the story is set on the open sea's in the great age of pirates, following the adventures of Luffy and his crew. In this world their is a one world government, with a single military branch that enforces it's laws know as the world Marines/Navy. Luffy is a pirate. Luffy is not like other pirates, he just wants to be free from the corrupt world government (the bad guys). On piece doesn't really show murder or stealing or anything that pirates do, but is implied. Luffy's goal from childhood is to become King of the pirates. Their used to be a king who conquered every other pirate (thus becoming king) who was dieing and turned himself in to the world government. But before he was lead to the gallows he stated one last thing. "I left everything I ever stole in ONE PIECE". this created the great era of pirates, going off and looking for this now famous treasure. Who ever finds it will become the new king basically. So basically it's a giant treasure hunt with pirates XD. These pirates and navy marines also obtain powers from eatin fruit know as DEVIL fruit. Once eaten the fruit gives them one super power, like fire, gravity, earthquake, animal transformations (like a lion), or in luffy's case he became a rubberman. Anyone who eats these fruit become weak to water though. So theirs people in this world with all sorts of crazy powers of all types. One piece is one of the longest running stories in manga, going over a decade. With no end in sight.


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