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NameLeetle Thanos
Created ByIronman311
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Created On08/17/2011
Released On08/26/2011
Nerd catastrophe: My first villain :). You have thieves, bank robbers, lackeys, crime organizations, villains who harass their super hero, villains who try to take over the world, villains who try to take over the galaxy, then you have Thanos. A villain who try's to take over the omniverse and succeeds... twice. He's a mentally unstable, crazy, murderer who has no disregard for life and has a love obsession with the cosmic entity, Death (often depicted as a women.) Yes he loves death. And his only goal was to be recognized by her and be with her. which is kind of romantic in a really messed up kind of way. Thanos was born to a race known as the eternals on the moon of saturn, Titan (eternals: genetically altered humans made by the celestials long ago. The deviants also made by the celestials are their enemy counter parts.). Born different then the rest of the eternals, he always hated them even though they accepted him as their own. He wishes to never have been born and has always loved death. So he became a space pirate, amassed an army, and took over his home world with nuclear bombardment. FIRST TIME TAKING OVER EVERYTHING: He finds out about the infinity Gauntlet. A artifact that holds 6 gems giving the wielder the power over soul, time, space, mind, power, and reality, virtually making the user god, like GOD GOD, all powerful God. so he finds and steals the gems from various characters then goes nuts. He makes death his queen, sitting at his throne but she won't actknoweldge or speak to him because she can't stand the fact that a mortal is now above her. Enraged at this Thanos blots out 1/2 of the universes population in the snap of his fingers in a attempt to appease her. She still does nothing >_> anyway he blasts away anyone in his path including all the cosmic entities and any other character in the marvel universe (every hero) who tries to stop him. And with everyone against him defeated, he merges with the universe becoming the new cosmic entity of eternity. 0_0... But he leaves his old body behind with the gauntlet unguarded, so his daughter just comes and takes it, and after a few more crazy events everything is eventually restored to normal. Thanos later states that his subconscious will not allow him to fully control the universe and it will always hold him back, this is why his body was unguarded. He seeks a way to separate this from himself. END. So later on, death sends the silver surfer to ask Thanos to become her consort once again. Thanos rejects her just as she rejected him during the infinity gauntlet crisis. THE MAD TITAN (just another name for thanos) states he will become a death god. Death is so angry at him that she forever expels him from her realm. Thus making him immortal. SECOND TIME HE CONQUERS EVERYTHING: He finds out about something called the heart of the universe. So he goes back in time and steals it. Becomes all powerful again but this time gets rid of everything. Making him the sole supreme being of the universe. After this he realizes that what he has done is pointless, and unnatural. So he restores everything to the way it was before, then destroys the Heart of the Universe so this will never happen again. Making all events with in the last 24 hours null and void. Then he returns to his home. He's a farmer of all things. :/


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