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NameLeetle Uatu The Watcher
Created ByIronman311
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Created On08/06/2011
Released On08/15/2011
Nerd fact: The race of Watchers was an advanced civilization which sought to spread its knowledge to other races. Their first attempt ended with the recipient race destroying itself. The Watchers then took a vow never to interfere with other civilizations. Uatu is an observer sworn to an oath of non-interference. However, he has outright violated his oath on numerous occasions in order to aid humanity. He's not vey good at his job. XD The Watchers are much like the Celestial race But polar opposite. The watchers Observe, and the Celestials interfere. Uatu is only seen when, and where significant events in the Universe are about to happen. Such as the time the villain know as Thanos conquered the Omnivserse with the power of the infinity gauntlet. *push's up broken fixed with tape glasses, and uses inhaler*


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