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NameLeetle Beast
Created ByIronman311
Average Selling Price601µP
Created On07/30/2011
Released On08/04/2011
Nerd Fact: Dr. Henry Philip "Hank" McCoy. Member of the x-men. He wasn't always blue, covered in fur. Back in the day he was just a harry human (pale skinned) with large features similar to a gorilla. He is one of the smart ones of the marvel universe, and was employed as a genetic scientist for a short while. Later, Hank mutated further from drinking an experimental solution of his own making. Growing grey fur, enhancing all of his abilities, strength, agility, speed. While also added a instantaneous healing factor and an inability to control his animal instincts causing him to go crazy in battle. Later his body changed again on its own. His fur turned blue, Lost his healing factor, is now able to control his rage, and returning his other abilities to normal (their still super human). He also under goes another transformation, giving him more feline characteristics.


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Comic Shop2601µP


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