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NameLeetle Thor
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Created On07/14/2011
Released On07/15/2011
Nerd Rage: Thor Odinson. Known as thor the thunderer. He has all the power of the storm from his hammer Mjolnir . Son of Odin and Jord/Gaea (the mother goddess of earth). Not the son of frigga, Odins wife. Odin wanted a son to have the power of the earth and asgard. Time passed and the Celestials came to Earth and forced the gods to stop intervening with humanity's development they also revealed they would return in one thousand years to judge humanity. Thor and the other gods fought with them and lost. But Gaea and the other goddesses had a back up plan in case they failed. It was to take 12 humans from different time periods make them immortal and present them to the Celestials to show all the accomplishments of mankind. The Celestials deemed earth worthy and left. Side note: thors hammer was seen cracking the celestails armor (Mjolnir has the power to destroy 1/5th of the universe). All the gods in the now destroyed destroyer armor where scattered as mortals on earth. with odin gone Thor then became the all-father of asgard and started restoring them back into gods except for odin. Before the battle with the Celestials their were also previous thors, who fought in Ragnarok, and died along with other asgardians. Odin himself was killed previously, but a new Odin appeared in the place of several gods who survived Ragnarok, and it was this new Odin who fathered the current version of Thor. This was a never ending cycle of destruction on asgard called the Ragnarok cycle placed on asgard by the the gods above all gods known as "Those Who Sit Above In Shadow" who feed on the energy given off from ragnarok. Thor destroyed the cycle freeing asgard. His brother Loki is adopted. His grandfather is Bor, first all-father of Asgard. Loki resurrected Bor an placed a spell on him to make him see everyone as enemies. Thor had to kill him. Loki pointed out that thor had just killed a king (Bor) And was banished from asgard and no longer is all-father, in which balder(another god, friend of thor) became all-father. Thor later helped foil another plot against asgard in which Balder lifted the banishment from him returning him to asgard. *whew* Edit: Odin is resurrected and sits on the throne one more.


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