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NameLeetle Cyclops
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Nerd Apocalypse: Real name, Scott summers. Often leader of the X-men (sometimes wolverine is). Widower of Jean Grey and Madelyne Pryor (jeans clone). Jean Grey was always his one true love. After she died the first time, He met Madelyne Pryor (later to be found out as jeans clone). Cyclops and Madelyne Pryor had a child (later know as cable) Then once word got to scott that jean was alive again ( I don't know how she was resurrected that time. Jean died like 3 times total I think.), he left Madelyne and their child. Just left them... yeah nice guy. Madelyne was upset, turned into a villian and tried to kill jean. Madelyne died. And Jean absorbed her being with the phoenix force. taking all of her memories and becoming cables(the child) surrogate mother. Cyclops is currently involved with Emma frost. After the dead once again jean grey (who was resurrected in the future in an alternate reality that was created by a villain) told the past cyclops to move on with emma frost because by doing so she would change the past of this future alternate reality, thus destroying it. Apparently jean grey is dead but still alive? I don't know its all confusing. She died, but merged with the phoenix force (White Phoenix of the Crown), fully controlling its power, and is now in some place called the White hot room (a place where all things return before birth and after death) watching over scott. Cyclops eye wear are made of ruby-quartz lenses. He wears them because he can not control the kinetic energy blast emitted from his eyes. He has laser eyes basically but not like a laser, that would cut. More like a punch. It is a KINETIC ENERGY BLAST. So it hits you, not fry you. He also has a genetic son made from him and Jean named Nate summers (is not cable). Then theirs Hope summers, where in the future their are only a few mutants left, she was born and found by cable (The moment Hope is born, the mutant locating computer Cerebro explodes). She is supposedly a savior or antichrist and, was given the name hope by cable. Bishop a time traveling mutant in even a more distant future hunts her, for he knows what she will do in the future. "Bishop, however, believe Hope will become the mutant equivalent of the Antichrist and kill a million humans in an instant. turning humans against mutants once again". It is hinted that hope may be Jean Greys reincarnation. But her story is still being told. So theirs a large summers family lineage. Really the x-men go so far beyond that of the cartoons. Most cartoons never get into the future stuff of a comic.


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