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NameLeetle Invisible Woman
Created ByIronman311
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Created On07/10/2011
Released On07/12/2011
Another Nerd Gasm: Sue Storm, Johnny Storms sister. Has the power to create force fields, and turn invisible. Not the most powerful person but still. Funny story about her power killing a space god though. Theirs 5 ancient alien races out their, the strongest of which are know as the Celestials(space gods). These celestials are the reason the old universe galactus is from died, caused by an experiment in their quest for knowledge. They are also the cause behind the mutants on earth, and people being able to have superpowers due to them experimenting on humans(lower races) in the past. Their uber powerful and theirs billions of them. each one is almost galactus level in terms of power. Some of which have evolved even beyond that. The sky fathers Zues, Odin, And Vishnu (all gods) Didn't like the Celestials coming to earth so they came up with a plan, using the Destroyer armor (indestructible armor) filled with every Asgardians (thors/odins race of gods) power except thors, while wielding the odin sword ( ultimate uber sword), to destroy the Celestials and take back earth. One Celestial Melt it to the ground without breaking a sweat O_o. Then made all the gods bow to them. So their pretty strong. Now back to Invisible woman. Turns out the Celestials are energy beings in hyperspace who control giant suits of armor used as avatars in our realm. Sue storms force field power blocks hyper space itself. Meaning she can cut a Celestials body to their link in hyperspace. Destroying their giant avatar armor suits and possibly killing them. Sue Storm can kill beings that rank in Marvels top ten power house list. The more you know *shoots a rainbow*


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