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NameLeetle Spider Man
Created ByIronman311
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Created On07/10/2011
Released On07/12/2011
Nerd fact: he was bit by a genetically altered spider giving him the powers of a spider. Real name: Peter Parker. Has super human agility, strength, can stick to walls, a 6th sense for approaching danger. Doesn't produce web. But made a device called a web shooter (he's smart too), that uses cartridges to shoot web, so his web shooting is limited. That's why he makes that sign with his hand. Those 2 middle fingers are pressing a button under his glove on the web shooters attached to his wrists. Newer versions of spider man have done away with this, and made it so making web is one of his powers now. Like in the movies. In one universe Spider man has joined the fantasist four, now called the future foundation. Recently the old look of spider man has been done away with in the series of "Death of spider man." Theirs also clones of peter parker and, other people/alternate spider mans with spider powers up the wazoo. It's all really confusing even for me. He's so popular that they branched him off into way to many story lines. He's also had plenty of girl friends besides Marry Jane. Edit: In the "Death of spider man." arc turns out Peter Parker really did die. As it has just been found out that the spider man with a new look is a black guy. His story is still unfolding.


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