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NameLeetle Mr Fantastic
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Created On07/09/2011
Released On07/12/2011
Nerd Fact: One of the smartest people among spiderman, DrDoom, the leader, Antman (earths scientist supreme), Bruce banner, Tony stark, and a bunch more. I'd say he's ranked second in intelligence amongst them all. He's the leader of the fantastic 4 (the fantasic four got their powers from a failed space mission when they were exposed to cosmic radiation). Has the ability to stretch like rubber, but his intelligence makes him a worthy foe. Outsmarting cosmic entities such as Galactus. Is always building cazy machines dealing with things such as alternate dimensions (negative zone) and time travel, or uber weapons that utilize the energy of big bangs created in baby univeses of alternate dimensions to be used as a gun. Married to the Invisible woman. Their son Franklin Richards, was born with... well basically with all of galactus's powers... he made a pocket universe at the age of ten under his bed covers... so yeah... powerful kid...


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