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NameLeetle TeeJ-day Cake
Created Bycharky
Average Selling Price950µP
Created On01/28/2013
Released On02/02/2013
You will be 22, and then there will be Cake. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TJ, from your Leetles Users! Ingredients: 30% packet chocolate cake mix 20% hardware 15% Pixels 10% Fish shaped foodstuffs 10% AWESOME 5% software 5% Rhubarb 1% Proven preservatives 1% Deep penetration agents 1% Gas and odor control chemicals that will deodorize and preserve putrid tissue 1% Resin 1% Sediment shaped sediment Code may be found present in the frosting. This is an entirely naturally occurring substance, and will not cause harm.


Shop NameQuantityPrice
The Aperture Science Enrichment Store7950µP


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