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NameLeetle Hatsune Miku
Created ByAeria
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Created On10/08/2012
Released On10/25/2012
Hatusne Miku is a 16 year girl with long blue twin pigtails. Miku was released on August 31st, 2007 and she is the seventh Vocaloid to be released overall, but considered as the most well known and the first to be considered a pop idol. Her name of the title and the character of the software was chosen by combining Hatsu (初, first), Ne (音, sound), and Miku (ミク, future), meaning "the first sound from the future." The data for her voice was created by sampling the voice of a Japanese voice actress, Saki Fujita (藤田 咲, Fujita Saki). Over 43,000 songs just on the Nico Nico Douga website with the tag ミクオリジナル曲 (translated: miku_original_song) can be found. Vocaloid is a voice synthesizer in which people use to write music with. To create a song, the composer must input a melody and lyrics. A piano roll type interface is used to put in the melody and the lyrics can be entered on each note. Hatsune Miku (c) Crypton Future Media
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