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NameLeetle Pond Skater
Created ByAshywolf
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Created On05/25/2012
Released On05/27/2012
A member of the Family Gerridae. "Skates" on the surface of ponds and lakes, with the hairs on its legs letting it float. Indeed, a shaved Pond skater (who would do that, anyway?) would sink. The Halobates genus compromises the only Pond Skaters that occur on the ocean. Often mistakenly called a Water Boatman. Many species fly, something that is beneficial when the pond dries up, but this is quite rare to see (I used to catch them and put them on a flat table in my garden just to watch and photograph them fly away!)
Tags: gray, black, aquatic, boatman, water, pondskater, skater, pond, bug, insect, life


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